The main purpose of The SEMEN SHED is to progressively expand the pool of polled genetics both locally and internationally. It's not something we intentionally set out to do, rather, interest and demand has driven it.

The following bulls are currently already in use in our own breeding program.

Because of previous problems with overseas collection, we now test all straw batches before using in our stud herd. Only semen that is post thaw tested and guaranteed to be of high quality motility and morphology count will be sold via the SEMEN SHED. Batch straws will have also been tested in our stud herd for uptake results.

Semen is securely stored at BBS in Rockhampton. It is never stored privately.


Did you know? To EXPORT semen to the USA, there is a compulsory minimum standard for live semen count post thaw per straw (motility and morphology).

To IMPORT straws into Australia from the USA, there is NONE?

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